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Starsmore is apparently a risk-taking, self-improving extrovert?

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28. Even though I have an eating disorder, I still love my body. It bears the marks of a tumultuous life, all the scars, aches and pains, but if I could magically get the body of a supermodel tomorrow, I wouldn’t even consider the trade.
29. I’ve led a rough life. But I wouldn’t give up even the worst experiencences, even if I could: they are part of who I am.
30. I’ve donated my body to science: I filled out the forms when I was eighteen. It’s one small way of helping to make the world a better place.
31. I want to live in other countries, not just visit them. Firenze in italy, New Orleans and/or New york in USA, Tokyo in japan… When I get my Ph.D, hopefully I can get jobs there.
32. I want to learn all I can about other cultures, how other people live and think. My favorite part of travelling is talking to the people who live there, and I have a couchsurfing profile, so other people can come live with me when they travel.
33. I’m the master of procrastination. I always do things in the last possible moment, and I’m almost always late unless it’s for work or exams. My friends like to joke that I live on “african time” (six o’clock means “I’ll be there when I get there”), and since danes usually think it’s terribly rude to be late, I find myself incredibly lucky, that my friends just shug it off and say “hey, it’s how she is”.
34. I haven’t had a day’s unemployment since I was fourteen. I’ve worked as a waitress, a mechanic, a check-out girl at a supermarket, a konferencier, a bartender, a nurse, a singer/actress, a consultant, etc. and now I have my own small company where I teach people about fantasy/sci-fi and role playing games, as well as being a student. I like to work, and it doesn’t matter if it’s hard, physical work, or academic research.
35. I’ve always done volunteer work. I don’t see myself as politically active, but I like to work for my beliefs: it doesn’t require the patience that politics does, and I’m a firm believer that every little thing can help.
36. But last month I actually surprised myself when a friend and I ended up arranging a demo against yet another small-minded output from our government. I didn’t think I had it in me, but apparently I do…
37. I even held a speach though I was scared out of my mind, and there was a camera-crew. So I guess I am politically active anyways… Go figure.
38. I always vote. It’s a matter of principle.


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