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Violet Sharp All the world is a cage.

work harder on my customer service skills (read all 3 entries…)

Today at work I have had a reprieve from working on my customer service skills, as there has not been one single customer in five hours! Guess no one wants to come inside and buy tickets on such a lovely day.

It has also afforded me the leisure time to play on 43things all afternoon, which never fails to cheer me up. Only two more hours and I get to go watch the first episode of “Angel.” (I’m a geek, and I’m proud!)


(This comment was deleted.)

Violet Sharp All the world is a cage.

I recently watched...

...all seven seasons of Buffy. I loved it (except for the last season, utter ridiculousness). Last night I watched “Batman Begins,” which made me think bats which made me think that I hadn’t started my “Angel” goal yet.

Yes, “Batman Begins.”

Fanboys, you may bow before me and kiss my wellies.

calypte excited about 2014!

Batman Begins

was fantastic! Roll on Dark Knight!!

Grief… I wish someone would repeat Angel again.

Violet Sharp All the world is a cage.

I love...

...television on DVD! I love being able to watch as much or as little as I want, all without commercials.

I watched the last episode of “Heroes” right when it aired and it drove me crazy! I kept laying on the floor when the commercials came on, going “No, I hate real time!”

calypte excited about 2014!

and cliffhangers!

I’ve got ‘24’ on DVD at the moment, and it’s great being able to just watch the next episode without the wait!

Actually, even when it’s not on DVD, I tend to record everything and fast forward through the ads!

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