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Fighting Injustice

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fight against injustice (read all 3 entries…)
No one wants to fight injustice?

Most people do not want to fight injustice…or to put any effort into making a change or helping someone out. It is sad, but true.
Not everyone is like that though, so many people are putting themselves out there daily to make a difference, to help just one person if that is all they can do.
If it was you in the place of injustice that you could do nothing about….would you hope someone would help you? What if you were in pain, mentally and physically every day at the hands of someone else, wouldn’t you want someone to come and help you? I know I sure would. So who can we look for today to go help? There are plenty of people who need help. Maybe in your neighborhood, maybe online, maybe someone you can call to check on or maybe something on the news you heard about that you, yes you, can do something about.
Keep your eyes and ears open, and mostly keep your hearts open and see what you can do.
Let God use you, don’t be deaf to His call.



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