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humekant must self motivate!

get over my ex (read all 46 entries…)

It’s been three weeks without checking any of his internet sites…I saw him two weeks ago…but since then no contact either.

To be honest I am dying to check his myspace/facebook or to text him..but i know the pain of curiosity is better than the pain i feel when I look at it and see things I dont want to see

besides I am much to stubborn to text him first.

Arrrgh i really want to check. it’s just a click away. I know it wont achieve anything…

Oh well. I’m going to florence next week, there’s something to be excited about



DONT CHECK it, you have come this far dont ruin it. i admit that after four days i ended up checking my ex’s myspace and it made me feel really bad afterwards since i did not stick to my goal. DONT DO THE SAME xxxxxxxxx p.s the break will do you the world of good and its a great chance to relax and get him off your mind.

humekant must self motivate!

I havent checked it yet…I just have to keep myself busy and off it! Dont be angry with yourself for not checking though, just go back to not looking, once you get past a week or so it’s easier cus you’re determined not to break your goal! xxxxxx


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