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Killing Me....

This really is killing me. My summer wardrobe was horrible because I just don’t have anything. I feel like I have some really good (maybe even too dressy) outfits that I can wear, but it’s rough when you have specific work-dressing requirements that can impact your performance if you’re wearing the wrong thing. Ugh.

I’m going to vow to start buying stuff little by little. My pants don’t fit, so I need new ones. My shirts are old, so I need new ones. It’s pathetic, and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be wearing nice things – I think it’s just a matter of finding reasonably priced things that I can wear.

I think a trip to Lord and Taylor and Macy’s is in order. At least I can use my gift certificates to buy some tops that I can wear to work without feeling embarrassed. I need something to wear.


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