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get in shape
Tired of my body I'm determined to change it

last week I started working out in my garage. I have a stationary bike that works my legs and arms at the same time, then I have a weight machine that I can do all types of differents reps working certain areas of my body, then I have a sit up machine. I call it a sit up machine because I’m not sure of the name its a little old LOL, I work with what I got ya know. I really want to get into shape and I have a LONG WAY to go because I’m a pretty BIG GAL. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m big because I know I am. I’m 6’2 325….GASP I know but ya know what I’m putting effort into losing the weight first, eating right and have cut WAY back on portions which that was HARD!!!! left me still hungry but I just substitute my bad habits for good ones. when I feel hungry I can eat raw fruits or veggies or just simply drink water to feel full. but I want to lose the weight first then shape my body because thats how it would work for me correct?



Sounds like you are on the right trake to losing weight and I have a little tid bit for ya vegan foods like little snacks and stuff are really good for you and they taste like hevan like instead of having a burger get a porabela mushroom with just veggies instead of like mustard and hot sause it’s much better for you and it tastes so good. Just don’t eat more then one.


for the comment thats very COOL of you. Whats a porabela mushroom…. that sounds good whatever it is :) well today is saturday and I’m conisdering the weekend my off days. this morning I treated my dad to breakfast I had a western omlet,hash browns, biscuit and gravy <—-that was nasty didnt even eat half of it! bisquick! biscuits! BLAH!!! a tall water and orange juice I ate the omlet and hasbrowns big NO NO I know but hey I was going to the mall figured I would need the energy to walk the mall and wow! it was great! I even parked WAY OUT IN BFE!!!! away from the building and walked the extra way to the mall, too stairs instead of the escalator. I felt good. REAL GOOD! I went to the movies and seen Live Free Die Hard. got me a small popcorn and a LARGE water. it was great

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