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see the good in people
My tragic flaw!

This is brobably my major flaw, my tragic flaw! I always pick faults in people, my friends especially, and I end up getting aggravated and annoyed over little traits and habit of the people around me. It’s stupid. I know. I have a hundredfold more faults than all my friends put together, and yet I continue to look down at every weeny mistake they make. It’s me that has to change, I don’t need new friends because eventually the sam ething would happen over and over. I don’t really know how one would overcome such a thing as this… and see the good in people. I think about some strategies I can putin to place to change this stupid mindset of mine. I’ve even started having dreams where people I know are really mean or stupid and I wake up angry with them before the day has even begun. It has to stop. Now. Any sugestions? Apart from using paragraphs.


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