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Deep Breath...

Okay, so I leave tomorrow for a little R&R and am needing a little encouragement. Everyone keeps telling me I look great (better than I did) but when I look in the mirror all I see is an obese 5’0” tall girl. I’m working really hard but we all know how it is when we start getting down on ourselves…Sigh I just hate going home and having to face my thin mom, my thin aunts, and my thin cousins…I’m the only heavy one!! YUK. Alright guys, good luck to all of you, keep on going, and help me along…:o)


I know how that feels...

I am the only chunky one out of all my friends so I know what you mean. Just keep chugging forward and don’t look back! They look like they do, and you look like you do.

(and as far as standing in the mirror, thats the worst. However heres my tip to you, when you’re feeling down about what you look like, put on the outfit that looks best on you and do up your hair and make-up and then look in the mirror and admire how cute you really are!)

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