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build a fixed-gear bicycle (read all 3 entries…)
Diving Right In

What’s up gang! Well, after deciding to take my Bianchi Milano off of Craigslist and going for building my own fixie the only thing I need to do now is figure out where to start. I found a 925 Redline frame for 200 bucks at my local bike shop and I think I will start from there. After that though I would like to build most everything else from used parts, maybe except for the hub, think i might get a Surly one. Anybody got any pointers for a guy who wants to do this but is not an expert at bike building? Any websites or books you can point me towards?


Getting Started

Things you absolutely must buy new:

1. Cog
2. Rear Hub
3. Lockring

Surly makes good stuff, but you can certainly find quality entry-level components for cheaper.

Sheldon Browns’ articles are the definitive online resource for new/experienced builders.


Post back on your progress. Good luck.


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