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melb100 stress less

be an unapologetic atheist (read all 11 entries…)
atheism in action

Missionaries on the streets of Asahikawa at the weekend (two of them, suited, pale complexions, bespectacled, pushing their bikes along the pavement, name tags written in English and Japanese, an armful of yellow lettered literature)

Man one: Wow! A foreigner! Hey, like, now we don’t have to pretend that we speak Japanese! Awesome!

Man two: How long have you lived here?

Me: A year

Man one: Wow, a whole year eh? That’s like, awesome!

Man two: yeah! Awesome!

Man one: You know what else is awesome?

Me: .... no….

Man one and two together: God! God is like, totally awesome!

Man one to man two: Is God awesome, Jerry?

Man two to man one: He is so awesome!

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt you, but I don’t really -

Man one: And you know what else is awesome?

Man two: Jesus Christ! He is awesome!

Man one: Like, totally awesome!

Me: I’m sorry, I really have to -

Man one: and the most awesome thing of all? Jerry?

Man two: God loves you. Now that is awesome!

Man one: yeah! Awesome!

Me: I’m an atheist.


I stride serenely away into The Body Shop and buy some new strawberry body butter in celebration.

“I’m an atheist”, it turns out, is a magical phrase guarenteed to rid you of most unwelcome visitors most of the time.

I encourage you all to use it at every possible opportunity.

Atheism in action? Like, totally, awesome. Yeah.


bethieb is freezing!

Living in the bible belt

I live in a part of the US that really takes religion seriously and leans toward harassment. I would love to tell the missionaries that I’m an atheist, but they would be at my back door everyday.

melb100 stress less


I think it’s difficult for a European to imagine living in a situation like that. Of course, sometimes people pester us about their particular vision of god, but they know they’re fighting a losing battle and they don’t really expect other people to take them very seriously.
I feel for you. On the other hand, if no body stands up and protests it, they’ll be teaching “both” sides of the story in more and more schools, and someday soon, why bother teaching anything except the word of almighty god himself? I think you can declare your atheism without necessarily inviting missionaries to your back door everyday. Writing to your local education board, or your local government body (whatever they call it in the states), or finding a group of local atheists (they do exist you know!) who will be up to speed on what is going on in your particular area. It might be a pleasant surprise to see that you are not as alone as the god squad would like you to believe.
Good luck!

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Teaching both sides of the story

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