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Create A 43Things Vampire Army (read all 9 entries…)
I am so excited...

I have 10 days to kill a vampire hunter and I will have the ability to see money in peoples pockets and vampire hunters at a distance… How hard can this be….


Did you get perception?

It’s pretty awesome, I must say!

I am so upset...

With only 12 hours left and 20 some odd movement points I found a vampire hunter! I moved in for the kill over and over and over and over again… I used up all of my blood, I was a walking corpse but alas, I was soon out of points and the vampire hunter was still as healthy as healthy could be… As soon as I got a couple of movement points back I tried again, but the vampire hunter was gone.

So, the long and the short of it is, I don’t have perception and I am $7500 the poorer….

Damn perception! I really want perception! Ironically, I just killed a vampire hunter yesterday. I was out of moves, so th 4000 and change that I got from him went to every other vampire that robbed me afterwards….


I so did it! It only took one day this time. Now I am an awesome robber. No more wasting time trying to rob poor vampires, no siree, I only rob the rich!

That I will be a vampire hunter, hunter from now on. They do pay very well. I now need thievery 3 and then celerity 2. I am on my way!


Now I am a fresh corpse again. Maybe I won’t be a vampire hunter, hunter. It may be a lot of money, but they keep killing me.

As for the yellow rich people, I have only come across one and when I robbed him I got a lousy 28 coins….

I need theivery 3!

Yeah, it's not always great

Sometimes, I fail to rob even the yellow people! I have gotten a big chunk a few times, but sometimes it’s only a coin or two, maybe 10. I haven’t been able to get any guild whereabouts lately…so I’ve been collecting blood and coins, which is still good. I’m up to a little over 1000 pints and 14000 something coins!


If you aren’t the best little vampire around! I even know where all of the guilds are located and I am way behind you!! 1000 pints!! I am embarrassed to be called your father! I just found a yellow person with a blood value of 2. I am thinking he just knocked off some vampire hunter and I couldn’t rob him! What is your next goal?

I'm thinking

thievery 3 or celerity 2. I want both of course, but celerity is a bit intimidating. I got celerity 1 by paying for it, and from what you said, it’s a lot of work…but you gotta work for what you want!

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I want to:
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