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hi everyone!!!!

i have been to Thailand recently….......i see the kinkier side of sex there.Its all free flowing on the roads.Things getting skimpy to skimpier to skimpiest…wow…
Gte good body massage,foot massage..and whatever else you ask for in the Sex capital of the world.
Play Ping-Pong,steamy hot oozing shows.Stunned,when i saw the kind of crowd..all age group sitting n enjoying the show.
For me,it was kinda a cultural shock to me….but i really enjoyed it thoroughly.

Posting one picture to start….


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i m from india

the country where Kamsutra is written,but,we are a closed society.
In our country,even syllabi related ti HIV/AIDS with ref to body mapping is highly opposed and it is called Sex Education…...it came as a cultural shock.But,i have yet to travel,as this was my first visit to abroad.

It was actually a porn show,and i was taken aback to see girls in net-like clothes.They walk with such ease.I loved this freedom.


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