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Challenges of the Graphic Novelist

There are four major challenges of the graphic novelist:

1) Writing
2) Art
3) The Synthesis of Writing and Art
4) Visual Storytelling

After creating and publishing two graphic novels (though one was more of a novella of 64 pages), I’ve only begun to realize just how tough being a graphic novelist is. It’s fun, no doubt, but putting together a full piece of work takes time, endurance, dedication, consistency and sleepless nights.

You’re not just writing, you’re drawing. You’re not just drawing, you’re designing. You’re synthesizing text and images, and doing it in such a way that you’re bringing a dream to life. If you want to be arrogant about it, it’s close to godhood.

To put together a movie, you needs lots of money and people. To put together a novel, a writer only needs words. Comic book companies generally use the model of having artistic teams.

For us graphic novelists, we’re on our own. Our skill set makes us a different breed. We do it with a pencil, some paper, and our own brand of magic.

Let there be more of us! :-)


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