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sighmo hasn't been here for a while but is enjoying being back

Find the place in the world that I really want to live (read all 5 entries…)

House prices here are really causing problems for me. i am long past the point where i want to have my own little corner of the world and my work dictates that i have to be here, in Dublin, which is the a horrible place to be trying to afford a house. So since i am considering a different path in life i decided to look at french properties on the internet and there are some amazing looking places at great prices.
I’m really getting quite excited about the idea although there would be many difficulies involved. Not least of which would be how to earn a living. I think i may need to get serious about some of my other goals, like writing a book and learning a foriegn language.
Sacre Bleu! Its all possible.



but do you really want to live with the French? :D

sighmo hasn't been here for a while but is enjoying being back

The question is..

..do the French want to live with me?
Did you know that France borders Seven other countries? If they hear about my atlas they may not let me in!


One of the border countries is tiny Luxembourgh, which was perhaps my mother’s favorite European country, simply because they actually seemed to like Americans rather than just tolerate us! Of course, that was 20 years ago; by now they make be burning our flag there, too.

C’est la vie …

(This comment was deleted.)

sighmo hasn't been here for a while but is enjoying being back

I travelled..

..around the Poitou-Charentes region when i was younger and stayed with some of the most wonderful people; fell in love twice and got near frightened to death by a low flying Mirage jet fighter. Very fond memories.

(This comment was deleted.)

sighmo hasn't been here for a while but is enjoying being back

Great memories..

Kindness like that, unsolicited, genuine and simple, is pure gold. I love encounering that…and giving it out occasionally. Like all places France has its problems, but its nice to hear someone else has an experiece of it similar to my own.
And they really do open themselves up to love like no other people i know. They seem to persue it with unabashed vigour.
I cant wait to go back. You must be going to Wales soon. Let us know how you are getting on.

(This comment was deleted.)

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