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dotcotton is new years resolutioning

Master the Morning Routine (read all 7 entries…)

Reading an old entry on mutual improvement has inspired me to have another go at this. It’s also giving me some food for thought about why I seem to be having such a hard time with this. I currently have plenty of time in the mornings to try and culitvate a pleasant, not too terrible morning routine. In fact, it’s the perfect time to have a proper go at this. So what’s stopping me?

The fact is, quite simply, I don’t particularly want to get up in the mornings. I want to want to get up and do stuff and generally be a more productive person. But wanting to do something and wanting to want to do the same thing are quite different.

Why don’t I like getting up? Simply put, I don’t enjoy my days enough to make starting them seem like an appealing thing. As long as I’m in bed, sometimes anyway, I can keep my head quiet and keep out the racing thoughts. To a point. In the mornings that is. The same thing does not apply at night. I have trouble shutting my head up at night, an experience shared by most people at some time and hence I struggle to get off to sleep. My own thoughts feel like intruders in my head. Wow, that’s pretentious.

So perhaps there’s something about getting up and starting the day signalling the end of empty mind and the beginning of the fun filled day of racing thoughts that puts me off. It seems to me that if I could make getting up and started a more relaxing, less rattling experience, I would be more inclined to get the hell started.

How to make the mornings less of a shock to the system? AKA How to quieten my head down?

  • Get an early morning meditation habit onboard
  • Forget the morning coffee and have camomile instead (ya I’ll get right on that, I’m sure!)
  • Read something nice and soothing and non rahh-ish

I don’t know if any of these would help. I feel like the list could be longer. But calm, soothing activities aren’t really my usual MO. I need to start somewhere I suppose. I shall give them a go and if they work, build on them further and yeah, in time maybe I will have mastered the morning routine.


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