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Lost Wayfarer Is shining is all her individuality and GREATNESS!

lose 15 pounds (read all 5 entries…)
I have kind of stalled on this, but wonderfully!

I have put down this goal originally because I thought I needed to lose 15 pounds. Again, I repeat that I “thought”. I was feeling chunky and I also wanted to look good for the one that I love.

Thursday, my beloved said words to me that made me pause and listen to his words. His first words were “Your hot” At first, I paused to really allow the words sink in and I tried to sideline them with a stupid remark because I didn’t know how to take the compliment even though my heart was just leaping in joy.

He repeated it again and said things that every women needs to hear from the one they love.

“You are perfect and you are so beautiful.”

He has melted my heart over and over again the past couple months that I don’t think I have much of a heart to melt!

He told me that even though a couple years ago I was a bit heavier and I lost the weight I gained, I was perfect. He was just amazed that I was so beautiful. I told him thank you quietly as my heart was puddle of goo before him. He said to me that I have said some about myself that were not encouraging. I looked at him and said “really?” I know at times that my low self esteem shows at times but I having been try so very hard to correct that visual outlook on myself.

I told him that weight gain is sometimes hard during the winter months because I am like a chipmunk because I seem to storage more food on body during those months. I love to eat and I am less phsyical in the winter then in the spring and summer months.

I hear the words that I am perfect in his eyes no matter that I feel a bit chunky. To have him hold me close and tell me that I am beautiful makes me realize that the way I see myself is not the way he looks at me.

Hearing him say those words makes me feel like a million dollars with all my flaws and little bit of flub thats pocketed here and there on my body.

If I don’t lose 15 lbs, I am not worried and will not be worried because I realize now that he loves me no matter if I weight 125 lbs or 115. He loves me for whom I am and not what I am.

I love him so much for his wonderful words that showed me so much more then I what I was actually seeing in my mirror.



What store can I get that brand of guy at? Sounds like quality craftsmanship.

Lost Wayfarer Is shining is all her individuality and GREATNESS!

It is funny that you say that.

When I met my dearheart, it was like he was from another planet and he was just visiting.

I have to say that I have been praying for a man like this in my life – exactly like this! He has all the wonderful qualities that I need in my life to complete me. He is strong where I am weak.

He is absolutely amazing and I tell him that any chance I get.

(This comment was deleted.)

Lost Wayfarer Is shining is all her individuality and GREATNESS!

He is wonderful.

I couldn’t have ask God for a better person to hold my heart.

He is so amazing and I thank God every day for my dearheart’s presence in my life.

I will keep you in my prayers that you find the one that calls to your heart. :o)

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