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share vic and johns christmas card list (read all 32 entries…)
birdie99 on 43things 2007/3/29 discovered her identity as namesake of margaret valrae lynch known as lynchy to the dahlinger family and known as marnie to ours

2007/7/21 birdie99 on 43things knows that her time on earth is running out and she is thankful that before she died she found a way to answer john cote dahlingers book written with the help of frances spatz leighton The Secret Life of Henry Ford.

birdie99 knows that DNA is key to revealing the true paternity of john c dahlinger.

birdie99 believes the Ford Family should be forced to reinstate the Dahlinger Family to its prominence in the interest of true history.

birdie99 recalls that Heinlein wrote of bastardy in Stranger in a Strange Land and perhaps that is why miss jean valrae crotty became fixed on sci-fi.

birdie99 notes that Strom Thurmond admitted to Essie Mae Washington Williams that he fathered her as a young man.

birdie99 thinks Henry Ford may have thought he fathered John whether in fact he did or not.

birdie99 hopes fervently that David Hoffman and Syvia Nasar
and Peter L Bergen will work together on Boots to Booties,
the fragmented tale of Jeanie.



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