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call Bam Margera now!!!!!
bam's phone number

well bams cell # is 1-267-574-6612.


bams number really is 267-574-6612 i talked to him on the phone the other day


is it really 1-267-574-6612 and u really talked to him that fuckin aswome if u did did u??

Brandon_Novak is Chill and waiting 2 go 2 fireworks


k o hate people that lie so this had better be right cause i just called that number and left a message after the way i are song waz done


Is he still having that number??
my msn is robert_westerlund@hotmail.com

Or my AIM : YSygate

bam phone number

267-574-6612 is NOT bam margera phone number its just some kid so dont waste you time calling it.

is real address

bam’s real address is 2365 chester road west chester pa

not anymore

his new address is bam margera
p.o Box:671
West Chester,PA 19395
I send him letters all the time and recieve personalised autographs all the time if you want any other addresses for autogrpahs send me a message or comment


what is danny kass’s address?


sorry i couldnt find it but there are millions more i can find you

this is bams brothers friend

yeah this is chris and im friends with bam brother. bams brother is a nobody because he is a freak and i took his phone. and i have bams new number. 1-908-329-5588 and ryan dunn number is 1-215-622-62071. rabb himself’s number is 1-267-247-6790. vito’s number is 1-215-997-0425.
and bams wifes number is 1-267-230-7973


dude 908 329 5588 is my F**ken number dont call it

i agree

i called it and it wasnt bams number so dont call it

252-560-0971 is the lst time im posting it


bam is the best i realy talked to him he said that we should have a skate day some time next week it was awsome


bam said that we should skate 1/14/09 at 1:00 and he would fly out too me then we would fly to the tampa skate park it was awsome

bams asome

i called 1-267-574-6612 and he picked put we had a skate day at showcase skatepark (rogers, mn) it was cool and he gave me a borad. his cell # not home phone #.



bamsnumber1 has gotten 2 cheers on this entry.


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