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Dipster is procrastinating

read all the Harry Potter books (read all 3 entries…)
Only the final book to go...

Only one to go and I’ve completed the series. Very excited to see who dies :) If Harry dies I won’t be happy!!


You must let us know how you feel about it, then, when you’ve finished! ;)

Dipster is procrastinating

Oh NO!!!

Tiffany have you read it?!? Are you trying to tactifully prewarn me???? Does Harry DIE!!! Oh God the stress!!! ;)

A girlfriend I work with has bought the book, and says that when she reads it I can have it as she doesn’t have any of the others and just wanted to read the last one (I know! I tried to tell her she should read them in order but she woudln’t have it). Lovely thought other than the fact I want to read it RIGHT NOW and she’s such a slow reader!!!! LOL – never mind shouldn’t be long now!

Yes- to the first one, at the very least. ;)

That’s crazy! One can’t just read the seventh book alone and truly appreciate it! I must now go fume in my indignation. :P

LOL! It’s alright, just hang on! It’s worth the wait! ;)

3 weeks ago

So how are you coming with reading the final book??
It is well worth the read if you have not started. If you have finished what are your thoughts???

Dipster is procrastinating

Still waiting.......

Still waiting for my friend to finish with the final book (she’s giving me her copy as she doesn’t want it after she’s read it). It’s killing me LOL – I’d have read it in 2 nights!
Love your picture Happywithme – off to Bali in 2 weeks, and thats exactly what I’m hoping for!

Manzanillo, Mexico

The most beautiful hotel – this shot was from the beach – the blue lines at the bottom are the ends of our lounge chaises. Wishing you an excellent holiday :)

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