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I’ve made it 3 weeks, something I haven’t been willing/able to accomplish in the 9 years since I started masturbating. Now I know that I can double that because I broke a 9-year old habit. If I can keep up this new habit by doubling my old time then perhaps in the future I can get to the point where its not even a big deal to keep this up (at the 3-week mark, it’s still in my mind all the time). I was pretty much a slave to it, after the initial excitement wore off. I want to rediscover that excitement in simpler pleasures now (like romance, cheesy as that sounds). I will be like an ascetic now so that I can INDULGE in the real thing later. I would say at the very least a year, probably more of abstinence. That’s a tall order, but now I know that it’s possible. It has also benefited all other areas of my life: I have more energy, I don’t oversleep, I exercise more/am out more, I eat healthier, I save money that was for porn before. I’m sure they’re all mutually reinforced by this, because they all require discipline…The more I think about it, ability had nothing to do with it. I was able, just not willing. This time, I think as I got closer and closer to that point where I had not been before, I steeled myself to push forward where in the past near that point I sank further into this fatalist attitude and then just succumbed. I put this in the front of my mind “If I pass this point I will have done something I have never done before by my own force of will,” and then make a conscious choice to continue. For me, the hardest to do, which actually makes it a lot easier once it’s done is keeping my bedroom door open. I would wager that nearly no one can look regularly at porn and abstain from masturbation (or sex). I will continue abstaining from both: 6 weeks is my new goal, and a year in the far future. It is difficult, and will be, but then what worthwhile thing isn’t?


got ur back ;)

eey dude,
im damn proud of u! just showing some support, cus i know it ll strenghten ur spirit. i just started here, but ive been at 3 weeks before, but the 3rd week was always hard. so all i can say is keep it up, and to hell with all that porn and the temptations, its weird how society got us hooked on this trash, and its all around us man! but that makes it truly an accomplishment, if we resist it, and as u said, the benifits are there! the ignorance of all those f’ers who claim there’s nothing wrong with masturbation! really, it pisses me off, cus theres a big downside to it that they dont mention: the lack of spirit, the lack of energy, the addictional side! all these things are in practise pretty dangerous to ur personal life man, so im glad we can support each other on this site! ive just finished my first day, and intend to keep it up! i hope i gave u some backup ;)
stay in touch!

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