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Please Dont OVER-look ME!! Its MY dream!!!!

Its not just Disney Channel.(though that would be a big jump).... its anything 4 me. Im 15 now….I have always wanted people to hear my voice and notice it….singing voice that is lol. My Dad just doesnt want to try, so im going to have to wait till im 18. I feel like that is 2 late and no one will want me because i am to old with not enough expirience. I can also act and quite well. I want to finish school a year earlier just for this career. This means all A’s and nothing lower then a B from now on. I have decided that I am not going to eat any fattening food for 2 years so that when I am 18 i will at least have some chance. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!! SOS lol

P.S. Gatorade is allowed lol BUT.. not soda or greased up cheese and different pleasers like that.

P.SS. If you know any one that is interested in a Mixed girl who talks like shes white….Help ME OUT!! ...please?
email: bunnylovesjade@aim.com

myspace: www.myspace.com/jecclesplace



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