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Get back with my ex (read all 4 entries…)
I am back and back in pain again too

I don’t know where to begin it has been so long. I have been wraped up in life and work and my kids and my ex fiance… This sucks is all I can say… He broke up with me July 13th after I made him a great dinner and I happened to have my ring off already to be sized at the jeweler and all the advice I get is different and I don’t know what to do. We have talked 4 times since the break up and again I have a shrink that I half think is out to make the relationship fail as her advice differs from week to week . I want to do the right thing and I am not into games and I have no clue.. how do you not talk to someone you were getting ready to marry who says they love you but are too drained for a relationship??? There is so much to tell but I don’t know where to begin….We have real love but maybe can’t live with eachother.. I just don’t know….I will write more soon.


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