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Run away from home and you'll get lots of hugs!

I’ve done that…ran away from home for a few days and I’ve collected a few hugs since leaving my house. Little boy hugs are the best. My little friend Brenton, who is 4, has hugged me a time or two. My neice Allison, who is almost 9 has hugged me twice. My oldest son, Ronnie has hugged me. Terah, Ronnie’s girlfriend and mama to Brenton, has hugged me a time or two. And a little girl named Katey, who is 2, has hugged me as well. Yep! Run away from home and the hugs become abundant! Still wish you could save up all the hugs from one day to the next so you’re never without a hug when you go a day or two without a hug.



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