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Jorja991 is watching the sky and wondering

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Losing someone you love

When you wake in the dark
And forget where you are
For a split second
you panic
You’re frightened, you’re scared
Then it comes flooding back
A friendly voice
Of relief
You recognise your surroundings
You go back to sleep

Losing someone you love
Is waking in the dark
And not knowing
And not feeling
Shaking in the dark
the voice is gone

Losing someone you love
Is dreams of agony
and reality of pain
Screaming voices, keys, locks
A broken heart
Kept in chains

Losing someone you love
Is dark corridors that end
In dead ends
Yet you come back
and try them again

Losing someone you love
Is smiles
And sunshine
And rain
That mean nothing to you
Because your world is grey

Losing someone you love
Is tears by a grave
Falling down
Staying down
Then walking again

Not forgetting
But learning
To live with the pain


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