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Achieving Inner Peace

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achieve inner peace
I was so stressed out of my stinkin mind with social anxiety!

Everytime I saw people, any people, I became extremely stressed out and terrified. I spent a whole year hating life because I lived in fear of people (I was abused by peers and some teachers as a child). But now, I have achieved inner peace, because Christ has calmed my terrified spirit, and showed me that no matter what people may ever do, life must go on, and I must learn to feel confident in myself, because Christ loves me. If Christ loves me, then I’m special. If I’m special, then who were they to say they owned me and I was lower than them? So this means that if anyone is unkind to me, that it doesn’t mean I’m to blame (my tendency to blame myself is what caused my social anxiety. I was afraid my very existance drew unkind people to hurt me), but that they’re wrong, and what those cruel kids did was NOT my fault and was NOT something I deserved. Now, I’m self confident, people don’t sense fear in me and become unkind, but rather admire my transformation, and show me respect when they realize I show I don’t need nor care about their approval, and I have many friends. I’m whole in Christ, and filled with His peace that casts out all my fears.



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