Is that you on the right?

It looks like you’re getting ready to tear it up that day.

Which reminds me, I really should look for another road race to try and tear up this summer.


the short little thing on the left is me! :D

This was taken in 2000 actually, when my friend wanted to do the local marathon as a 2-person team. We called ourselves the Escargots, and won 2nd place (out of a field of … 2!) I did have my 1/2 marathon PR that year though – 1 hr. 48 & change.

You do need to find another fun race, and I’ll bet Runner’s World website would be helpful. Good luck!


Sorry! :)

Wow – 1.:48. That sounds pretty fast. I will have my chance next month in the Manchester Half. We’ll see what happens.

You're so kind

It’s actually not fast at all, but for a non-athletic woman turning 42, it was OK! God knows I’d take that time now and be happy … :D

Uh, I did the math

and this does look like a decent time. I’ll be lucky to do that in Manchester next month.

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