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I moved out on my own today. I am so scared I can hardly even think about it. I have moments when I feel happy about it, but I feel like I have lead in my stomach most of the time. I suppose most of the time people in my situation have a hard time knowing if they are doing the right thing. I only know I am doing the scary thing.


Fancy self-knowing healthy reinventor

Good for you!

I was scared at first too. The feeling soon passes with each day.

Heidi Whitcomb is finding her groove

One day at a time

That’s what I tell myself. I like to joke that I live like an alcoholic. The lead in your stomach will get lighter with each passing month. I say month not days unfortunately. But good for you. My kids and I have been moving around, from friend’s house to parent;s house to friend’s house. I get my own house on the 15th of September and I’m nervous too. i worry that i don’t earn enough etc to support us and that I don’t have enough energy or about all kinds of little things. It’ll be ok. It’s just an unfamiliar path that will be less scary once we’re used to it. :)

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