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act gothic for a day
the name speaks for its self

I mean, i probably act like it already… trying to have this “i dont care about anything” attitude… being a rebel.. trying to do my own individual thing and question alot of things like religion and parental authority.. things like that.


(This comment was deleted.)


woops.. i wasnt going for an “emo” look/ lifestyle, I do mostly wear black, but im not evil/dark or ahve a look for it. But, honestly, isnt that a little Steryotypical? look, someone has black hair, THEYRE GOTHIC!!! uh oh! someones in Hot topic, THEYRE GOTHIC!!! I dotn think the main thing that goths do is DDR, mabe mroe like WoW or D&D. mabe FF.

I FLIPPING LOOOVE NIGHTWISH!!!! ive heard of dragonforce and A7ful...


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