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Celebrate Gabriel's conception day (read all 6 entries…)
I'm taking a two week...

...vow of abstinence in Gabriel’s honor. This is… what, day 3? lol. It sounds totally silly saying that, but I feel it will actually be very cleansing.

Need to get the wooden letters glued on, and photocopy his ultrasound pictures. I made his “birth bracelet” and got a small photo album to put photos and other little things in. His birth bracelet is already in one of the pouches, and future locks of hair or his drawings could be included, too.

Tommy is probably going to stain and shelac the box, and I had the idea of lining the inside of the box with crushed velvet or something. I want this box to last a long time, and be something he can keep for all time. It’s not just his conception box, it’s a time capsule that will stretch over many years.


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