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joie de vivre I'm back now

Elect Barack Obama president (read all 30 entries…)

Sent out to some friends:

Dear Jewish friends, friends of Jews, and fellow Obama supporters:

OK, so maybe you think Obama is a putz. If you’re in this category, go ahead and hit “delete” right now.

But, if you support Obama, and you are Jewish; or have friends who are Jewish and support Obama, I would like know if you would like to have an Obama kippah. I am coordinating the sale of kippot (or, “yarmulkes”, if you’d rather) for our area. We are hoping that our Obama yarmulkes will get people talking in shul and help us find more Obama supporters who want to join the movement. Everyone wearing an Obama kippah will be encouraged to point potential supporters to www.barackobama.com to get them signed up.

They will be suede kippot, in an ivory color, with “Obama ‘08” printed in blue, and the campaign’s logo directly above the text. If you have a large white Obama button, it will basically look exactly like that, (that’s even the exact same size) printed on one of the four panels of the stitched ivory kippah.

The cost is a suggested donation of $5 per yarmulke from each supporter to cover costs. If you donate more, I’ll forward that on to the campaign.

You’d definitely have them before Rosh Hashannah which starts Sept. 13th.

Email me ASAP if you are interested.


Cloudberry is a tomato plant with her roots nestled in rich compost.

I don't think he's a putz...

I just don’t think he’s ripe yet.

This is a cool idea, though!

Trauma_Junkie ready for recovery week, and data pushing.

A Very cool idea

I Met Obama in Claremont NH this summer, on accident. I was going to work and his very cool motorcade blocked my progress. He was exceedingly polite and friendly, as were his bodyguards. I already liked him, but now I like him more because they were willing to move about 15 large vehicles so I wouldn;t be late to work.
Unfortunatley I am unsure the US is ready for a president named Barak….

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