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the wreck that wasn't

A couple of months ago I was in a wreck. It was scary, expensive and painful. No one at the scene stepped forward to say “I saw what happened.”

This week I drove a familiar, short stretch of road I drive all the time. It’s residential, speed limit 25 mph. As I drove toward a little intersection the pickup truck coming toward me was hit by a car that was clearly speeding and didn’t even slow down for the stop sign. Ten seconds later, he would have hit me, not the truck. I stopped, got out to make sure everyone was breathing and gave my card to the man, badly shaken, in the truck. I told him I was a witness and would be happy to tell what I’d seen and that I’d seen it all.

I think the other guy was high or drunk and I’d wager he’s not insured, either. I just hope my willingness to testify improves what I know is a really sucky experience!


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What is wrong with people? I’ve stopped a bully neighbor from beating his dog. I sure as hell would stop someone from hitting a woman.


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