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Overcoming Shyness

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Overcoming Shyness

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Overcoming Shyness

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Overcome Being Shy

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Overcoming Shyness

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Overcome Being Shy (read all 2 entries…)

i need to do this badly! everyone calls me “the shy one” and i even got the “quiet girl” award. whenever i talk, people are like, “IT TALKS!!” it’s rather embarrassing.


This is the exact same as me. Even when I try to be outgoing and talk to people, at the end of the evening they’re all saying how quiet I am. I was in a choir once and one of the guys told me that whenever they had talked about me (they talked about me? is that a bad or good thing? lol) they referred to me as “the quiet one”.

Today I made a little break-through. I asked someone that was in another one of my classes how he was doing with the homework for it. It was only a short little conversation but I felt so happy with myself. It’s just the first step but you can do it!

Just make a goal every day, something small but powerful that will pump you up for the next time you get a chance to show that you are not “the quiet girl” and you do have valuable thoughts.

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