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butchie is cramming... again!

write poems and not throw them away afterwards because i think they're corny (read all 4 entries…)
my third poem: a poor man's pride

if you came here
just to show me some sympathy,

don’t stare at me as if you would
a beggar on the street
whose sight fills you with a false sense
of compassion

i don’t need your pity
i can whip it out of thin air
if i wish (but i don’t want to)

while i suffer to make ends meet
even just barely
(yes, life may seem a bitter pill
to swallow most of the time)
i pity you more
for you will never be able
to taste all of life’s flavors to the full
life will always be served to you
on a silver platter
thickly coated with the sugary sweetness
of your wealth


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