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restore my eyesight naturally (read all 10 entries…)
You can get your vision back without glasses or surgery!

Hello, I have been educating myself on restoring my eyesight naturally since the end of 2003 (admittedly, & a bit regretfully, I’ve been actually doing it on & off since then). The good news is my eyesight is gradually being restored back to its natural state.

To anyone wanting to get lasik or other eye surgery to restore your vision, please read on. You have other options. Once you have the surgery it cannot be undone.

Can you remember the time your eyesight started degrading from clear vision to blurry vision? (of course, this doesn’t apply to people who were born this way) If you’re like me, it was a time of mental stress & anguish. For me, I was getting used to moving to a new country and I also had an overcontrolling & obsessed mother; those two factors caused me a great deal of mental stress & anguish. I found solace in working in front of a computer (with a cheap-o monitor that strained my eyes) and by reading books.

The great secret is that the blurred vision can be reversed back to clear vision. In a nutshell, it’s done by reversing the mental stress & anguish, and the poor habits that formed out of them. It sounds controversial but it really is not. It’s a great secret cause you don’t see it as heavily advertised as Lasik or eyeglasses or contacts. And you know what? It’s not that easy to do either. It takes years. It’s not as quick as walking into the doctor’s office and walking out with surgically modified eyes.

The process to reverse your blurred vision back to clear natural vision has been documented in at least 2 excellent texts: “Better Eyesight Without Glasses” by Dr. William Bates and “Relearning to See” by Thomas Quackenbush. These are the 2 main tools that I’m using to restore my eyesight back to normal. Admitedly, I thought Mr. Quackenbush had a funny last name, but when I read his book I have nothing but respect for this man. Without him I would have no alternatives but glasses, contacts, or god forbid, surgery.

Here is my opinion (my opinion only) on Lasik & other “restorative” eye surgery methods: having the surgery is just like wearing glasses, except the glasses are no longer worn as eyeglasses or contacts – they are now a permanent part of your eye. The way these surgeries work is they alter the shape of your eyeball (by slicing or burning away surface tissue) so that your eyeball’s shape matches the prescription you had with your glasses or contacts. In absolutely no way is your eyesight restored “back to normal,” or “back to the way it was.” You are still wearing glasses! You would have 20/20 vision after the surgery (if you are lucky), only because the prescription has become part of your eyeball. Get educated on this as much as possible. Ask your doctors straight questions and don’t be satisfied with quick & superficial answers (keep in mind that they profit handsomely when they do the surgery). Once you do the surgery (and everybody’s doing it right?), once they carve your eyeball’s surface tissue, you can no longer have your natural clear eyesight back. You will permanently be wearing glasses – the glasses now being a part of your eye surface.

Is my eyesight really getting back to normal? Do I have proof? Yes. At this point I’ve only experienced flashes of clear sight. I am convinced that eventually it would become my dominant mode of eyesight. I have only learned about the “centralization” principle a few days ago (again, I regret that I haven’t done it sooner since I got “Relearning to See” almost 2 years ago) and shortly afterwards I got a flash of clear vision.

Everytime I get a flash of clear vision it scares the $*#% out of me. I am not used to seeing that way. It overwhelms me. I even think “it’s not gonna last long.” However, I’m becoming more confident that my eyes would eventually regain their automatic focusing ability. Heck, if I put my glasses on, the vision does gets clear, but what’s really doing the seeing? My eyes! My eyes are perfectly good, it’s just the focusing part that’s not working; and I am convinced I will eventually regain it.

So to folks who want to regain their vision back, and are considering Lasik or other “corrective” eye surgery, PLEASE at least consider these 2 texts.

Your clear, natural eyesight is your birthright – without the use of glasses/”corrective” lenses, and without the use of “corrective” surgery.


Well Done

I have done a very similar thing with my weight. I put on weight in my late teens even though I was always thin. It was during a very stressful time of my life and instead of dealing with the emotions, I piled on weight.. lots of it over 10 years. I lost 26kgs (about 57 lbs) from retraining my thoughts to believing that I was thin. It worked. I totally believe in what you are doing (and I am a qualified Optician!!!). Keep up the wonderful work and allow yourself to see clearly. You are always safe.

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the kindhearted words & compliments! I feel great that someone believes in what I’ve chosen to do. Wow, congratulations on your accomplishment! That is a challenging goal for most of us to reach.

Anyone can do it...

Honestly, if I can do it ANYONE can do it. I could never have imagined losing so much weight before I learned that our thoughts create our reality. I read an amazing book which started me on this amazing journey of self discovery and life creation. It is called ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay. She also speaks about eyesight and gives the metaphysical causes for different prescriptions. Hyperopia (long sighted) is fear of the present. Myopia (near sighted) is fear of the future. I think that you will be able to see much sooner than a few years, maybe even months if you are willing to deal with the emotions causing your blurred vision. For me the thought of dealing with the emotions causing my obesity was more difficult than actually dealing with them. Emotions are just emotions. When I started monitoring my thoughts I was amazed by what I was thinking.. so much negative stuff about myself and others. It is not just my weight that has transformed, it is my whole outlook on life and others. I feel so lucky to be alive now and in the past there has been occasions when I did not get out of bed for weeks. I am a different person. It is an ongoing process, however a very enjoyable one. You are definatley on the right road and doing a fabulous job. Realise and believe that you can do this without question. Know that you are always safe and allow yourself to see the beautiful amazing person that you are. You will see it when you believe it…..

I just ordered a used copy & it’s on its way. Thanks again. ;)

Well Done for ordering the book

This book is amazing. I recently started to work on my asthma. In the last year I have changed so much from changing my thoughts and beliefs and finding out more and more about my mind.
I have…
stopped drinking (was a very heavy and discreet drinker for 7 years)
quit smoking cigarettes (smoked a pack a day for 13 years)
stopped smoking pot (I was stoned almost every day for about 5 years and I kept it very well hidden)
beat my chronic depression (I was on the highest dose of antidepresants for 10 years including during my pregnancy)
lost stacks of weight (already told you about that one)
reduced my very high cholesterol to a normal level,
started teaching this stuff!


in the last few weeks my asthma, which I was diagnosed with when I was 3 (now 31) has disappeared. I have not taken an inhaler for over a week (this has never happened before- EVER). I can honestly say that I am a completely different person to one year ago. I now know that all the happiness that I need is within me and it was all along. I love my life for the first time ever. I just never knew that I could live like this!!
Just know that you will see clearly very soon.

hopena Bye! ♥♥♥

I wish that I had a cheer left..

because I believe this can be done as well. My mother has had more success than me so far, but I haven’t been working on the exercises nearly as much as she has.
Best wishes to you. :)


Hwatchamacallit, do u have msn messenger?i d like to talk to you about something.

Hey IcemaN, sorry for the late reply. I didn’t realize the replies get forwarded to my e-mail. I use a spare e-mail for 43Things, one that I don’t check often I’m afraid.

I have yahoo messenger – is that ok?


me too!

I have been using natural ways to restore my eyesight after continuous chemical type burns I get in my eyes from severe environmental chemical sensitivity as a result of my Stevens Johnson Syndrome…I use coconut oil, and will be happy to share the idea with you all!

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