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get a second job
had 2 second jobs

wouldn’t recommend it if you can help it (i.e. it shouldn’t be a choice thing). If you have the time on your hands and make enough from one job find a passion (even if that involves working somewhere).

If you need the money though a second / third job is the way to do it.


Manleen Copeman is back!

I so appreciate not having to rush to a second job anymore. I slog at mine, but at the end of the day dont carry any work home(like I did for 2 yrs), and no worries either.I find rushing from one place to another extremely stressful.

Still there's something to be said for those days

At least I was too busy to look up and see that 80 year old couple walking hand in hand and thinking (I want that).
I had a standing excuse for not having someone of my own (too busy).
Now sometimes I feel I’ve too much time on my hands and that’s my problem ;).

Manleen Copeman is back!

Its anyday better to be alive to that feeling, even if its painful- pain tell you you are alive and healthy. Knowing you want it will eventually get you to it. Till then, bon courage:)

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