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Not as productive

this weekend as I anticipated. I went at it on Saturday, but not as hard as I would have liked. So, I think I’ve reached about 3 pages for the week.


~ John Lee ~ Spring Forth In New Opportunities

Life Is Like A Bowl Of Jell-O

sometimes you have to put it in the fridge and let it chill ….

(okay, I am totally rationalizing losing all sense of productivity today and project that on others, but what the heck, perhaps those Jello people are on to something !)

I thought

you were going to go into a Forrest Gump rational, but the Jell-O idea sounds reasonable. :)

~ John Lee ~ Spring Forth In New Opportunities

no raisins

whatever you do, if you make lemon jell-o, do not use suspend raisins in it – they wind up looking like bugs

(not that I ever did that for a church pot luck and included someone else’s name on it!)

Now that's just

downright ornery. :)

My problem

is that I don’t want it to chill too long. I don’t want freezer burn.

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