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be a millionaire before 40
Millionaire by 40

This is not counting our home, which I should have bought by then, and hopefully paid off the mortgage. I am 33 now, and have saved more than enough for a down payment. I have tended to be financially complacent thanks to getting a bit lucky with stock options in two the jobs I’ve had. Starting a family and trying to buy a house in Silicon Valley is driving reality home.

So, now it’s clear that this goal is not possible if I go with the flow and continue being an engineer employed in a big company.

I don’t have a plan. May be that’s another goal: come up with a plan for the next 5 years.

Anyways, this millionaire thing is a stretch goal, but at least it’s easy to measure progress!


If you're serious I can help

Fifteen years ago I started my own company and have bocome quite successful. My goal is to help 50 people become millionaires by helping them start their own company and providing training and mentoring on my dime. I am looking for motivated people who believe in themselves and are willing to understand that becoming a millionaire is not a stretch goal. Let me know if you’re interested.

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