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Kim N Still single. Don't wanna be.

go bowling (read all 4 entries…)
I'm supposed to go bowling tonight

There’s a league at work, and they need a substitute. I haven’t bowled in years!! I think it’ll be fun. :)


(This comment was deleted.)

Kim N Still single. Don't wanna be.


And I think I’m supposed to not cross the line and stay out of the gutter!

(This comment was deleted.)

i was thinking

more of the awesome footwear one gets to share with other patrons of such establishments… styling and zesty all at the same time!

(please note bowling shoes frighten me… ‘zesty’ should only be for food and certain drinks not footwear… lol)

Kim N Still single. Don't wanna be.

The shoes

seemed pretty clean last night. I wore size 6 1/2. :)




It’s easier to knock the pins down by hand. Simply run to the end of the lane and push ‘em over. Then you can go see what’s back there! Maybe even get a ride back up with the bowling balls!

Kim N Still single. Don't wanna be.


I wish I’d read this before I went!!

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I want to:
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