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cranraspberry Make your goals S.M.A.R.T. and remember the 20-hour rule (4 steps).

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when you love someone and it goes to waste

the moment I was genuinely happy, it was when I was playing around (having a spitball war) with the person I waited all summer to see. He isn’t there often, and whenever I see him I get all happy and idiotic and realize later how much I embaressed myself. He has no idea how I feel. Its weird, its not romantic or anything (he’s more like a brother), it feels like its more than that. I dont know how else to explain it…When he’s not there, I feel like I have no home.



i know depress is very painful may i know your age? :) because i always not happy with my life so when i was teenage i alway s put hope to someone else like put feeling to some guys… just hoping he will change my world… the world would be different then… but real life not so much fairy tales… but hope you’ll find your dreams… :)

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