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I revolt alcohol

I want to quit this because I hate who I am when I’m drinking. I choose to have control, and love myself. Drinking makes me hate myself, and the things that i do. The longest sobertime i’ve ever had has been 8 months. I want it gone forever.


good job

way to go on choosing control! Just curious, what are some of the reasons why you want to quit drinking?

A number of reasons...

I do not like the idea of having no control. I’m a binge drinker… so not only do I risk putting myself in compromising situations EVERY time I drink, but I have a wife and life I risk losing if I choose to engage in drinking. Over the past two years, I’ve slipped twice off the wagon… Which is great, considering before at my peak I was drinking (getting wasted) 2-4 times a week. I love the direction my life is on without alcohol… I hate the direction my life will go with it.

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Just think this...

Out of all drugs that exist. Alcohol is one of the worst.

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