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Capoeira Training

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I am taking a class in capoeira this year at college.

Capoeira is the art of Brazilian martial arts/dancing. It originated in Africa, and was used by slaves when they fought, but in order to disguise the fighting they added music and dance elements.

So when you watch capoeira, it looks a lot like dancing. You are in a circle of people who sing, clap, and play various instruments. You and your opponent ‘play’ capoeira. The goal is not to hurt or beat somebody; it’s a game of sorts. The philosophy is different than most martial arts, i.e. karate, which I took last fall, where you hit the person directly. In capoeira, you are more dancing around your opponent, anticipating their moves and using them to create your next move, than trying to hit the opponent.

Capoeira is very fluid and beautiful. I know I am only a beginner. I don’t want to compare myself to other students and feel bad, and the teacher is a master. But when I see her and others do capoeira, it fascinates me, this art. It is so graceful and beautiful.

I really love the music component in capoeira. You use the music to know how to move, you move with the flow of the music. Also the music is pretty and interesting. The songs are sung in Portuguese. And the instruments are different, too. I think my favorite is the biding-bo. It looks like a bow (like bow and arrows) with a tight string, and you use a rock and a pencil-like stick to play the string.

Anyway, I’ve got to go watch “House” now so…yeah.



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