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Things Make Me Happy

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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 7 entries…)
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18) Finding a song with lyrics I can really relate to and playing it full blast. Or just basically finding a song that I really love and playing it on repeat all day.

19) My fish – I didn’t realise I could love them as much. It sounds terrible but I really didnt belive I could become so attached to my fish as I did with previous pets like my guinea pig. I just thought “If one dies, it will be easily replaceable!” How wrong was I?? I love them so much – their facial expressions, the way they both seem to have unique personalities… <3 xxx

20) When my house is tidy and clutter free. When I’ve opened the windows and lit scented candles and it’s so fresh and relaxing – perfect. =]

21) When all my things are organised and put in their correct places so I can find everything easily. No screaming rants in the morning when I’m frantically throwing things in the air looking for keys etc… :/

22) McDonalds breakfasts – because I only have them when I’m going on a road trip. =]

23) Making new friends and getting to know new people. Finding out about their interests and saying “omg, I love that band too!!”

24) The night before something exciting is going to happen. The feeling that you need to sleep so the event comes quicker, but not being able to. Usually this is better than the event itself. Hehe :)

25) Making time to really pamper myself – putting on a face mask, exfoliating, moisturising my body, plucking my eyebrows really well etc… Sounds such a small thing but I really don’t have the time usually and its so nice when I do.

26) Receiving handwritten mail through the post. Such a suprise and really nice to know that someone has though enough to send it. I think I may have to make an effort to do this for other people…

27) Compliments and praise – who doesnt?

28) Intelligent conversation. Having debates with friends and talking about more serious issues than usual can be really refreshing.

29) Films that hit me emotionally. That make me cry – doesn’t matter if its with sadness or joy, just that I’ve connected with the storyline or the characters.

30) Being surrounded by real friends. I spend so much time around people that don’t make me happy – I think I’ve forgotten who my real friends are. But it’s nice to be in a situation where you look around and you’re thankful to know the people you’re with. <3

31) Writing stories – Thinking up characters and connecting them. I should do this so much more often because its nice to escape into your own little world where you can decide what happens…

32) Lie ins – When I know I have nothing to do during the day and can lie in bed for as long as I want. Mmmmm… =]

33) Feeling desired by my boyfriend. Sometimes he looks at me as though I’m the only other person in the world, as though he’s fascinated by me. Makes me feel incredible. <3333.

34) The confidence I get when I’m drunk. I’m such a happier person who is able to have fun without feeling anxious, insecure, worried etc… Just wish I could apply that to myself without the alcohol.

35) The feeling of accomplishment.


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