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Cook at home, make a menu and actually follow it. (read all 3 entries…)
Grilled cheese sandwiches!!!

I’ve been trying harder to cook at home – grilled cheese sandwiches have been my salvation! We get dark German wheat bread and sharp cheddar cheese to make them taste more grown-up. Sometimes we even put spicy mustard on them. And I cut up apples and heat tomato soup. The whole process takes about ten minutes and Alex likes to eat them too! When he gets older I will use a cookie cutter to turn them into shapes for him! The whole meal including “upscale” cheese, bread, soup & fruit costs about $7 for the three of us. We used to spend twice that on take-out and another two dollars on baby food! Hope I can figure out something else to make before we get sick of it!


(This comment was deleted.)

Grilled Muenster on wheat with Adobo???

Oh that is a wicked grilled cheese sandwich!!! What a great idea!

Yes, fall is my favorite season! We live near a farm that sells unbelievable apple cider and fresh fruit, pumpkin pies, pumpkin breads and pumpkin butter! I think I can HEAR my butt growing! I need to take those long fall walks if I can get Alex on board for them!

Thanks for the idea to spice up our favorite meal!


grilled monsters…mmmmm

TheJenny!!! How I miss you! We should hit Linvilla together this weekend if we are over our colds!

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