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I haven’t put savings away (yet) this month despite being paid…which goes against my ‘pay yourself first rule of saving’, but there’s a valid reason. I decided to switch current accounts two months ago and it’s taken the buggers this long to switch all direct debits/credits!!! After phoning them last week to ask whats going on, within 24hrs the direct debits switched to the new account, but the credits (salary) went into old account on pay day!! Urgh! Then, rather frustratingly, my old account wouldn’t let me make a transfer of funds so I had to actually go to the bank, take out an obscene amount of cash (thankfully all in same building, cos, scary!!) and deposit into new account so I wouldn’t go beyond the already agreed overdraft!!!! Bastards. My boss wasn’t impressed I had to sort it out in work time cos banks never stay open that late.

Anyways, I know there is £200 that I can potentially deposit into savings account already, but am going to be disciplined and leave it til end of month JUST IN CASE the banks feck up again or something!! Just means I won’t get interest on that money :o(

I have a new goal(s): one, to reach my emergency buffer of £4500 by next christmas; and two, to reach £10000 in 2 years after that (separate from buffer). There’s something comforting in the emergency fund idea that makes me think everytime I pick something up in the shops that I don’t REALLY need….then I put it down. It’s not like I deny myself stuff, but I’m losing the ‘must have it now’ reaction!




that's what's great about savings

makes you think twice about those “wants”!

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