Heart Beat sees the glass hidden in the grass.

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I was feeling positive today

until someone said something that made me remember the realities of my life & how nothing has improved or changed much in years, despite my honest efforts.
I’m exhausted now and have no energy left to be positive.
When God, WHEN?!!!!


Paulo Coelho wrote about that feeling:

Sometimes an unimportant incident
is capable of turning everything beautiful
into a moment of anxiety.
We insist on seeing the mote in the eye
and forget about the mountains,
the fields and the olive groves.
~Paulo Coelho

And I had a similar feeling to the one you describe last week:


Hang in there, it will pass…

Someone important to me once told me a little story. There was a man drowning in the ocean, and a boat came by to save him. The man told the captain, “No, thanks! God will save me!” Then, another boat came by and the people on the boat said, “Come on up!” and the man said, “No, thanks! I’m waiting for God to save me!” The man drowned, and went up to heaven. He asked God, “Why did you not save me?” Then, God said, “I sent two boats!” I don’t know if this pertains to you, but I thought I’d share, just in case. The moral is that God (if you believe in that) is trying to help people, if they will only help themselves. I know many times in my life I was waiting for help, waiting for a fix, waiting for someone to make it right, telling God he wasn’t helping, but sometimes we have to be brave enough to use the tools we have been given to help ourselves. Hope you could use this some time. Have a great day. : )

Heart Beat sees the glass hidden in the grass.

Yes I've heard that before

That is certainly not my situation. In fact, I find that story somewhat patronizing.
The fact is, I try & try, in addition to asking, and I feel that God is simply saying “no”. So now I am asking “when?” or “what?”.
Now a pet peeve of mine:
I hate that saying “God only helps people who help themselves”. It is not in the Bible & I’m sick of faux-Christians over using it. Maybe they should actually read the Bible & quote it directly.

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