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Become A Trillionaire
How its done...

I believe there is a very sure, but long, hard way to become a trillionaire, for someone with what it takes and who is young enough (and who can beat me to it). Actually there are “room” for many future trillionaires in the world, but I believe I know the surest route. It is by building a certain kind of legitimate company that will do many good things for other companies, etc…. I will not say much here. Post a message here if you want to know more :-)


becoming a trillionaire...

I was interested in knowing more on what this topic of being a a trillionaire.
Please speak! :-)

the true way to becoming a trillionaire

The first thing you must do befor even thinking about becoming a trillionaire is send that thought to your Subconscious mind Yes” with this power you can generate well over $900trillion dollars. I have not mastered the power of the subconscious mind but I am very well intune with it. I must tell you just buy working it out for the past 28years and reading on the subject has help me make a little over $28,525.00 a week with my 5 website companies. Iam not rich but I am very well on my way.To understand better how personal goal setting works, it is good to have a simple picture of how your mind is functioning. You can think of your mind being built of two parts: conscious and subconscious minds. Conscious mind is responsible for your current awareness and decision making. It is only around 12 % of your mind. The other 88 % is your subconscious mind.
Subconscious mind is where you have your personality, where all your feelings and thoughts come from. Your memory, with all your personal values, beliefs, and habits , is also there.

You have quite good and direct control over your conscious mind. It takes more effort and sophistication to direct and reprogram your subconscious mind, and this is where smart personal goal setting techniques and guidelines are particularly helpful.
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I would like to join your quest for becoming a trillionaire. I know that your idea is correct. We can only be rewarded according to our creating wealth through ideas. The proportion is as you say $900 trillion to $1 trillion.

I have several ideas that I would like to talk with you about over the phone. My number is 925-324-8618 (this is my private cell) please call between 9am-9pm PDT.

Here are just 3: 1) Create a new alternative fuel called Vegi-diesel that can be used in trucks around the world, made from recycled vegetable oil. 2) Create a new commuter motorcycle that gets 200mph+, is safe, enclosed (like a car) and is inexpensive to own. 3) Create a new computer system that “taps” into the brain as the CPU, input/output device and connects with the Internet over a cellular type connection.

I also have an idea for creating a trillion dollars for many many people through a multi-level marketing program of “selling” a newsletter internationally about topics such as those outlined above and more on a monthly/annual basis.

Looking forward to your communication back.




I am somewhat obsessed with making at a minimum of $50M in my lifetime. I’ve made over $2 in the last few years using techniques that are very simple and overlooked by most.
It sounds bizzare, but I am making a reservation with Space Adventures, Inc. to be selected to go into Earth orbit as a space tourist. I had dinner with Greg Olson recently. He was the third ever space tourist. It is rather expensive at $20M per trip, but I believe that it is attainable. I would have to increase my net worth by a factor of at least 20 to do it because I would not spend every last cent to do it.
Thanks for listening. Darhl. 239-821-4420

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Suzi 'What the 'Eye' Sees the mind can aquire'


Great and true advise…

May I ask how one keeps totally focussed on the main goal ?

Re: becoming a trillionaire...

The best book I know of to gain a true understanding of what it takes is “How to be a Billionaire” by Martin Fridson. Do a little extrapolation on the principles outlined to determine how to be a trillionaire.

I will not discuss, in detail, my own plans, except for potential serious investors, high-level employees, etc.

If you have some great high-level insights or abilities in business, technology, corporate law, and are interested in joining my team, let me know! Of course I am also interested in investors.

Best of Luck!

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I am interested too. Please send your ideas to

In stages.

First become a Millionaire
Then a Billionaire.

Then…a Trillionaire etc

who knows?

No person here knows how to become a trillionaire for sure yet.
Not even me ;)

Basically it involves taking an idea, implementing it and going from there.

Once you’re a millionaire, becoming a billionaire is a lot less daunting.
Once you have one billion dollars, go for 2, then 3, then 10 etc..

Eventually you’ll have one trillion dollars.
Though you’ll NEVER ‘be’ a trillionaire,
you’ll still be you,
simply a richer version of yourself.

Important question:

you must have a good reason, a drive, some purpose for your trillion dollars.

Take one step,
then another, go from there with your destination in mind.

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fuck money

fuck greed

fuck you

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