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Lose 30 pounds (read all 13 entries…)
Perspective after 6 -7 weeks into this goal

I am down about 20 lbs since the beginning of September. I am happy with that. I started at 275 on Sept 1 (and I had previously been 280-285 for about 2 years at least). I plan on being down close to 245 or so by Jan 1, 2008.

When I started I had simple, easy goals: 1) eat healthier, 2) count calories, and 3) exercise 3-4 times per week.

I am by no means an expert and I REALLY don’t want to come of as “preachy”, but I read this forum a lot for inspiration and I always feel bad when I read about people who are fluctuating up and down, getting frustrated, and really making it much harder on themselves than it needs to be. I’ve felt that aggravation and disappointment before. So, I want to tell you what has worked for me in hopes that it can help you too.

1) Eat healthy – I have Subway a lot. Light mayo is probably the worst thing on my sandwiches. Have the cheese on it! Avoid burger places like the plague. I started eating breakfast for the first time ever by having a PowerBar in the morning, and it has helped my metabolism. I only eat something “unhealthy” (like a Taco Del Mar burrito – love ‘em!) once a week. That is enough cheating for me. And, I drink LOTS of water. No regular pop, just diet.

2) Count Calories – the “how much I was eating” issue was the big one in my being overweight, I think. So, what I did was dedicate myself to counting calories. I really only eat at places where I can calulate how many I am eating (most restaurants have nutritional info on their web sites, and I am a master at reading the nutritional labels on things now!). I even open up Excel every once in a while to quickly add up how much I have eaten in a day.

The key is finding out how many calories your body needs per day to maintain your existing weight, then make sure you are eating 500-1000 less than that (to lose about 1 – 2 pounds per day). I used http://www.hpathy.com/healthtools/calories-need.asp to identify my caloric requirements (which was about 3000 based on my size and activity level), and now I just make sure I am eating right around 2000 calories per day. Simple!

3) Exercise – Honestly, I am a lazy dude. I really don’t like exercising at all. But if you are going to lose weight, I think you really have to do something. So, I bought a bike and ride it 3-4 times per day. When it is rainy, I have a trainer I can strap it to and ride it inside. If I push it fairly hard (14-16mph), I can burn 600 calories or so and be off the bik in 30 minutes. That means that I can subtract 600 calories off my daily calorie total! I think I actually eat about as many calories now as I did when I was sitting around doing nothing, but it is healthier stuff and I burn it off faster with the exercise.

Here is a cool site that will tell you how many calories you can burn doing all sorts of activities: http://www.healthstatus.com/calculate/cbc.

That’s what I have been doing, and I have had good results. This post is ridiculously long, so I am going to stop now. Good luck everybody!


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Mindy loves Wii Fit!


You are one person whose entries I REALLY enjoy reading. Mostly because you’re suceeding, but also because of your demeanor.

I’m going to go out and buy a notebook like the one I had last time I lost 10 pounds, and I’m printing out your advice and the information from the “Calorie needs’ website(after I input my weight, height, and all that jazz), and putting it in the notebook for motivation.

I think the thing that works really well for me is counting calories, so I’m going to do that again. And “cheating” only once per week.

Idk how I slipped up.

Thanks for the motivation :D

Thank you.

Thanks for the kind words. It really has been a numbers game for me. It’s pretty simple (inputs and outputs), which is good because I am not too smart!

Good luck with the notebook. I think that is a great idea. Excel works really well too if you have that. Just knowing that the notebook (or spreadsheet, or whatever) is there waiting for you will be good motivation. And keeping track of it and monitoring it gets more compelling with each day you do it, because you don’t want to break your streak!

The cheating part is essential I think. You have to live a little! You will probably “cheat” less on that one day than you otherwise would have if you weren’t so cognizant about what the numerical values are for what you are eating each day. And it will feel even more rewarding to “cheat” that one day after being so good the rest of the week.

Mindy loves Wii Fit!

No problem. :]

It’s true about the not wanting to break your streak, it becomes a compulsion, lol.

And your cheating theory has always been mine.

So looks like I’m off to a good start.

you rock

you’re quite the inspiration! i also enjoy reading your entries. and i think they really help me ground myself. other people are doing it, why can’t i???


You basically summed up the fifty million

books out there professing the formula for weightloss. And you did it in a few paragraphs and free of charge! Good going!
Have you lost any more weight?


Thanks for the kind words in your comments to my posts.

I have lost about 55 pounds (from 275lbs to 220lbs) since Sept. 1 2007. I have kind of planed off around 220, but that is mostly because I have been a little lax on the diet regimen. I need to get serious again!

Plus, I have been focusing more on working out (and a fair bit of cardio – or “heart yoga,” as I call it), so the dip in weight loss could be attributed to that whole “muscle weighing more than fat” argument (which I am not exactly clear about). At any rate, I am feeling good and continue to notice things toning up, so the dip in overall weight loss is not a huge deal to me at this point. Overall fitness is my goal now.

Anyway, thanks again for the compliments. I hope my posts are helpful! I have posted an updated picture just to prove that I have not completely fallen off the wagon since completing my “lose 30 pounds” goal.

oh my gosh, is that you?

You look so thin!
I did a search on webcrawler about weightloss and your entry came up.
I actually joined 43 things just so I could write to you and say thanks.
I have bookmarked the links you cite about calorie consumption and exercise.
I also researched trainers for bikes since you mentioned you use one when it’s raining. They make trainers that attach to the rear rim so you don’t have to remove the mountain bike tire and replace it with a slim one.
You have inspired me and I hope that makes you feel good.
I need a little nudge to get up out of bed and get on the bike or treadmill in the early morning hours. I am not a morning person to say the least. It takes me a while to wake up. However, that is the only time I have to exercise.
Any tips?
I know you mentioned you even ride in the winter. Wow.
I am impressed that your goal was 30 and now you are down 55. Way to go!
I look forward to your posts.
Thanks again!

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