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Find a side job (read all 9 entries…)

Well, I was slated to write the instruction booklet for a Nintendo DS game in development. That would have been so exciting.

It somehow amused me to no end that I was going to “make a living” writing something that NO ONE would read XD I was going to THE TOP of the New York Times Worstseller’s list! Because, c’mon, who the hell actually reads the instructions when they play video/console games? =D

But that contract fell through. =P

So, I didn’t want to wait anymore. I opened a bottle of beer and started my own little business. I wrote up a plan for making and selling jewellery online.

I set up a few things, ordered some supplies and went at it. I’m finishing up the last of them now. I just need to photograph them all and then post them for sale.

I’ve also set up Inventory tracking, Expense tracking, Sales Invoicing and Receiving in a gigantic cross-referencing multi-sheet workbook and I’m rockin’. Or at least I should be pretty much good to go, come tax time. =)


chococluster is resting the mind

side job?

I want to be a bike builder.


Good on ya!



good luck!


Thanks =)

Pretty jewelry. Contact me when you are ready to sell some. I would buy the pink, blue or orange ones.

Good luck!


They are available now! =) Here is my online shop:


glazecovered is starting anew

I am just on my way to your site…just wanted to make a note…

I read DS instruction booklets. Sometimes.


Haha! Good to know =D

J L has gotten 14 cheers on this entry.


I want to:
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