tell someone exactly what I think of them

This was such a fantastic experience for me. It was a relief to get my feelings out in the open, even if it wasn’t what the other person wanted to hear. It saved my friendship and made me realise how much she does value me as a friend. She changed for the better and it means a lot to me.


Ivymere finds strength...somewhere, somehow


I’m glad it worked out very well for you! Congratulations. We’re not all lucky to have such an understanding person to talk to but I can hope, right? :p

Good luck with all your goals!

Thank you, it was great to be able to comminicate with her instead of just talking.

I am lucky, I have few friends but they are all unique and great people. But TBH I’ve found that a lot of people here on 43T understand and “get” me better than people I know in the real world. I love sharing here!

Ivymere finds strength...somewhere, somehow


I totally understand what you mean. :) I have a writers group online from all over the States and a few around the world and they get me more than my friends here. They understand some things that my friends don’t comprehend, even if they tried.

So yeah it’s great to share with different people. :D

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