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Hmmm. Well, it was loud.

Otherwise it wasn’t too exciting. I worked in concessions at the beginning, monitored the dance in the middle, and worked in the “cloakroom” towards the end. It was really loud and I was getting a headache.

My daughter met her “date” there, but then they hardly spent any time together. I’m not sure if she ditched him, or he ditched her, but neither one seemed to care too much. She had a great time with her other friends.

The only really amusing part was when the song “Thriller” came on and all the teachers got so excited and went running in to show the kids how to dance like from the video. Ha.


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Too fun.

A few years ago I was able to teach my niece and her friend The Hustle when we were dancing at The House of Blues in South Carolina. My cool quotient when up from an already pretty good level.

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